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Before investing in equity funds, ask yourself why you want to invest & for what time frame…

I am 30 years old and have invested Rs 20,000 in Magnum Multiplier Plus in October 2010. I am unable to get any returns so far, kindly advice what I should do now?
- Iram Khan

Magnum Multiplier Plus is a three-star rated multi cap fund. If this is your only mutual fund investment, it is a risky fund category that you have invested in where the performance of the fund depends a lot on the fund manager’s ability to swiftly move across market-capitalisation to gain from its investments. Moreover, you need to ask yourself why you invested in this fund and with what time frame in mind? One invests in equity funds with a time frame in mind, which gives time to the investment; your investment is just eight months old which is too short a time to expect stupendous returns. Besides, this fund has not been the best of performers in its category, which points at your short coming in fund selection. Remember, it is not enough to invest in a fund, you should spend time in identifying a fund that has a proven performance history and has the potential to gain and then invest in it with a reasonable time frame.

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