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Infrastructure Disappoints

The infrastructure theme is not performing as expected, exit if you don't believe in it anymore…

I have a SIP investment in ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Fund. Of late its performance has been dismal. Should I continue with this fund or it's advisable to discontinue, as the entire Infra pack is not performing poorly?
- Narasimha G Prasad

ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Fund invests in companies belonging to infrastructure development category. A thematic fund, it is a risky investment compared to the broad diversified equity fund category. A three-star fund, the returns are not as expected, but it is a belief in such themes that finds investors flocking to them. We can empathize with your situation, but the way out is for you to exit this fund if you no more believe in it. You would be better of cutting your losses now and investing in a consistently better performing fund.

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