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Capture big stories in fine detail - 12 MP camera & HD video recording

Two things go into making a great picture or a great home movie of your baby nephew taking his first steps - composition and clarity. The first one’s up to you but for the second, if your camera isn’t hi-def, you’re most likely not getting invited to the next family wedding.

The Nokia N8 comes with a 12 MP camera with HD recording and playback. Which basically means - capture video in high definition (in the finest detail) and flaunt it on a big screen. For anyone serious about capturing moments in hi-quality output, the Nokia high-end phones with the HD feature make the experience of clicking pictures and shooting videos a bigger and sharper one.

Above all, you don’t need to sink money on a high end camera. Twelve mega pixels is more resolution than you thought possible on a tiny camera phone. Which is no surprise given that Nokia – apart from being the handset giant we know it to be - is also the largest seller of cameras in the world! Let’s face it, travelling the world with an Nokia N8 in your pocket is just more convenient.

Loaded with a Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash, it allows you to click sharp pictures even in low light. Explore photo editing with the built-in effects and editing. Share your clicks with friends and family on Facebook or mail them directly from your phone.

Sometimes the biggest stories get lost in the bad details. Experience recording your masterpiece in high-definition where the tiniest element emerges crystal clear. Bid a permanent goodbye to blurred, hazy and bad quality video.