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Focus Lost

Sundaram Select Focus' mandate of investing in a very few stocks has gone against it…

I invested in the growth of option of Sundaram Select Focus fund trough SIPs which ended in September 2010. The performance of this fund has been poor and I am planning to exit this fund. Should I invest the redeemed sum as lump sum or SIP?
- Subhasish Dasgupta

Sundaram Select Focus invests in very few select stocks and this limited selection is what that has gone against it. The fund has been consistently losing performance and your decision to exit is understandable and valid.

Investing regularly and systematically in a god performing is the best way to achieve long-term wealth creation. You should consider parking the redeemed sum in a liquid fund and initiate systematic transfers into a good fund, which will act as a SIP investment. The lesson that you need to draw from this investment is the need to track the performance of your funds regularly and exit a fund that starts to underperform consistently and regularly.

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