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At present, Indian investors have 26 international funds to choose from to invest abroad…

Given that global markets are now recovering from the downturn, can you please suggest a list of mutual funds that have global stocks in their portfolio. I would like to invest in such funds.
- Sashi Kiran

If you happen to visit our website www.valueresearchonline.com, you will find that we have a separate category for international equity funds. At present there are about 26 funds that invest in international markets. Other than funds investing directly in foreign stocks, you will find fund of funds where the domestic fund invests in its foreign cousin (that in turn invests in foreign companies). Please check the list below for the top performing ones.

Top-performing international funds
Schemes  1-yr ret(%)  3-yrs ret(%)
DSPBR World Gold Reg 21.55 9.13
Franklin Asian Equity 15.98 4.11
Sundaram Global Advantage 18.92 3.15
Principal Global Opportunities 20.66 0.4
Birla Sun Life International Equity Plan A 20.03 -0.45
HSBC Emerging Markets 17.93 -0.93
Kotak Global Emerging Market 19.41 -2.63
ING Global Real Estate Retail 16.15 -1.66
DWS Global Thematic Offshore 16.94 -3.42
Returns as on May 6, 2011

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