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Investing After Retiring

Post retirement, invest either for capital appreciation or for an income stream….

I retired recently and wish to invest in mutual funds. Kindly suggest funds that I should invest in to get a return of at least 10 per cent.
- Yogeshwar

The selection of funds will depend whether you are looking at it for capital appreciation or income generation. If growth is what you are looking at with the conservative 10 per cent return, you should consider investing in balanced fund such as HDFC Prudence or Reliance Regular Savings Balanced fund. If you are looking for income stream, invest in debt-oriented conservative hybrid funds; these are funds that over the past one year would have had an average equity exposure less than 25 per cent. You can initiate systematic transfer plans at regular intervals to create income streams. However, be careful when initiating the STP; you should not create a situation when you transfer at a pace which is much faster than the pace at which your investments grow.

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