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Never Time The Markets

Mutual fund investors should invest systematically without worrying about market volatility...

The markets have been volatile; is it the right time to invest in mutual funds?
Pradeep Kishen

Markets are uncertain and there is little sense predicting them. Hence, there is no right or wrong time to invest in them. All that is required is a financial plan and goal to start investing for. Risk is integral to equity investing and when you invest, you actually buy a particular company’s share you are basically becoming the owner of the company and at the same time taking in all sorts of business risks, be it environment, company, economic or counterparty. If you cannot take such risks then investing in the markets is just not for you.

The role of mutual funds comes into play by reducing the risk and spreading it, which is why the market uncertainty also creates investment opportunities to gain from. Invest systematically with discipline to make the most of long-term investments towards wealth creation.

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