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Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund introduces Franklin Templeton Family Solutions Facility

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund has announced the introduction of Franklin Templeton Family Solutions Facility with effect from March 14, 2011. Family Solution facility is offered to encourage investors to plan for their investments based on their life goals.

Family Solutions is an investment solution that helps investors plan for their life goals like retirement, child's future and wealth creation. To invest under the Family Solution facility, investors will need to undertake a questionnaire called the “Family Solutions Planner” that asks for basic details along with specific questions on the goals for which the investor wants to plan. Based on the inputs provided by the investor and after considering his/her portfolio style in light of these inputs, a set of schemes of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund and the amount of investment towards the goal, would be recommended for investment.

However, the investor may opt to invest in the schemes of his choice and such amount as determined by him at his discretion. Irrespective of the amount of investment recommended through the Family Solution, the minimum investment amount for fresh and additional purchase in each scheme shall be as specified in the respective scheme information document.