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Exiting a Fund

A continuously under performing fund is best exited than hoping for a miracle

I invested Rs 25,000 in March, 2008 in Sundaram Capex Opportunities Growth which has given an overall gain of 9.25%. Should I hold or exit. I am an NRI investor based in Africa. How can I exit from any MF which I have not bought online?

This fund aims to generate consistent long-term returns by investing predominantly in equity or equity-related instruments of companies in the capital goods sector. And, it is ideal for investors willing to take higher risks by taking concentrated bets. This fund has been underperforming compared to its benchmark in the past three years and since you are gaining 9.25 per cent; it is time you exit. You will have to use the physical form for redemption and get the money credited to your FCNR or NRE account.

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