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Taurus MF to compulsory reinvest dividends below Rs 250

Taurus Mutual Fund has announced that if the dividend amount payable to the unit holders under the dividend payout option of Taurus Starshare, Taurus Bonanza Fund, Taurus Discovery Fund, Taurus Ethical Fund, Taurus Infrastructure Fund, Taurus Nifty Index Fund, Taurus Short Term Income Fund, Taurus Liquid Fund (Retail) and Taurus Gilt Fund, is less than the threshold limit of Rs 250, then such dividend amount will be compulsorily & automatically reinvested in the respective schemes/plans with effect from February 1, 2011.

The dividend distributed for an amount equal to or less than the threshold limit will be reinvested in the scheme/plan by issuing additional units of the scheme at the prevailing ex-dividend Net Asset Value on the record date.

There shall be no exit load on the dividend so reinvested.