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Nagarjuna Construction may face environment clearance for the AP power project

I have recently bought 100 shares in Nagarjuna Construction. What are its prospects? Are there any issues that I should be aware of ?
- Sree Ram

Its second quarter performance was in line with analysts’ expectations. The company’s total order book stood at Rs16,075 crore at the end of the quarter.

There are two issues that you should be aware of. One, its 1,320 MW power project in Andhra Pradesh may not receive environmental clearance and could get delayed. Two, the IT department has raided several of the company’s premises recently, which raises governance-related issues.

The stock is currently trading at a 12-month trailing PE of 14.88. Further, it is trading at a PEG of 1.03.

In view of the two issues mentioned above, watch the developments within the company closely. If the situation deteriorates, reconsider your investment in the stock.

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