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There is very little to select between two top-rated funds

I want to invest in an equity tax saver to save tax. I am unable to make up my mind between Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Fund and Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund. They both have the same ratings.
- Diljit Shah

You are right in observing that both are 5-star rated funds. Fidelity Tax Advantage was launched in 2006 compared to Canara Robeco that was launched way back in 1993. There is a definite long-term history that Canara has and Fidelity doesn’t. Ratings act as the first filter for fund selection. If you observe the 1-year and the 3-year returns for both these funds, you will find a marginal difference. The fact that both of them have equal rating indicates that they fall within a similar performance zone. There is very little to choose between the two; you may therefore select either of them.

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