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Track a fund's performance regularly for timely exit

I invested Rs 15,000 in in JM Financial Sector Fund three years ago; should I stay invested even if it galls further? -
Raghu Soman

When emotions become the overriding reason for making investment decisions, you could end up losing more money in the long run. JM Financial sector fund has been disappointing with its performance. Launched in November 2006, the fund had a great run in 2007, but has been a poor performer since then continuously. For instance, in the past one year it has managed 12.01 per cent return when the category earned 26.5 per cent return. Likewise over the past three years the fund managed a negative 19.79 per cent when the category earned 3.4 per cent.

You will be missing out on other opportunities if you are waiting for notional gains in this fund and waiting for it to improve. It will be better for you to cut your losses and exit this fund and invest in some other fund.

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