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Start with a Balanced Fund

Investing regularly and systematically is a sure way to wealth creation

Please suggest the best mutual funds for my portfolio and how much I should invest to get a decent return in 15 years. Should I invest through SIP or put a lump sum?
Shiney Abraham

Investing works best when done with a financial goal. Each category has a different character and knowing what they are meant for will help achieve your goal. Fifteen years is a long time for investing. If you are new to investing, it is better to start with a SIP in a balanced fund. Once you experience this investing over six months you will understand the way investing works and then can work on a portfolio that has core and satellite holdings. The core holdings should comprise of steady funds such as large- and mid-cap funds. You should consider holding a few categories of funds that have the potential for quick growth, but are volatile such as mid- and small-cap funds as well as sector funds. This way, you will have a sound portfolio with overall growth possibilities.

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