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Don't Overlook Debt

Your portfolio of equity funds also has a debt component

I have started investing Rs 1,000 per month in HDFC TOP 200 and HDFC Prudence Fund, and Rs 2,000 in DSPBR Small and Mid-Cap Fund. How is my portfolio?

You have invested in very good funds. All are 5-star rated by Value Research. But, there is a mid-cap bias in your portfolio — 40 per cent of the allocation. By being invested in a hybrid fund such as HDFC Prudence, you get a flavour of debt in your portfolio that accounts for over 6 per cent of the allocation. As you have invested in small- and mid-cap fund, accounting for 50 per cent of your investments, there is an element of risk that you should be aware of. Understand the role played by the debt component in your portfolio and review its performance annually.

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