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Starting with a good fund

Choosing the first fund is important. A good fund can be the driver for sustained investing, while a bad fund can or turn away investors from investing

I am 24, and since last month have started investing Rs 1,000 in HDFC Top 200. I am thinking of investing in Reliance Growth and HDFC Equity from next month. My investment time-frame is 10-20 years and I am looking at investing Rs 4,000-Rs 6,0000 a month through SIPs. I want a stable fund that would give high returns. - Wilfred F

Your have selected a good fund in HDFC Top 200. It is a large-and mid-cap oriented fund, with a proven track record and good performance history. With respect to your decision on additional investment; you can increase the investment in HDFC Top 200. Alternately, look at investing in Reliance Growth fund; it is a fund that invests in the mid-cap and small-cap space. Though a risky fund compared to HDFC Top 200, the combination of the two will give you the necessary exposure to large-, mid- and small cap stocks.

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