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Select funds that offer compelling investment themes and variety to make a well-balanced and robust overall portfolio

I am 32 and want to invest Rs 20,000 per month in various mutual funds through SIPs for long-term investing. My plan is to invest Rs 4,000 across five funds; Fidelity equity, HDFC Top 200, BSL Frontline Equity, Sundaram Midcap and DSPBR Small and Midcap. Please comment and advise-Baiju MP

For a 32-year old you are entering investing in equity mutual funds a bit late in the day. However, you have made a good selection of funds. The funds have a large- and mid-cap balance, which over the long-term will help you get both the stability and the necessary fillip in your portfolio. Sticking to these funds for a 5-7 year time frame will add value to your investment growth. However, make sure that you review the performance of your funds at least once a year to exit non-performers.

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