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I have started investing Rs 1,000 in Reliance growth, Sundaram Select Midcap, Sundaram Select Focus, Birla Sun Life frontline Equity and HDFC Prudence since October 2009. I want to invest for 19-years and am thinking of one more large-cap fund could you please suggest?
-Manish Patel

The selection of funds that you have has a mid-cap bias. This may be because of the aggressive stand that you have and works well in the early phase of a 20-year investment plan that you have. Your unrealized gain on an investment of Rs 65,000 in the past one year is Rs 14,300 which is good. Consider moving from Sundaram Select to some other large cap fund such as DSPBR Top 100. You need not look for another fund to start an SIP at this moment, you will be better of increasing your contribution to some of the existing funds in your portfolio.

  Value Research Rating  Classification  3-year return (%)
Reliance growth **** Equity: Mid & Small Cap 10.09
Sundaram Select Midcap **** Equity: Mid & Small Cap 11.55
Sundaram Select Focus **

 Equity: LargeCap 1.15
Birla Sun Life Frontline equity ***** Equity: Large & Mid Cap 10.05
HDFC Prudence ***** Hybrid: Equity-oriented 15.29
Returns on 12, November 2010

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