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Reliance Mutual Fund: Leader of the Pack

The retail investors have missed the rally and have not been able to participate in the India growth story mainly because there is no distributor to service their investment needs

Motivation is the driving force to achieve leadership. “Regulations need direction, not speed,” says Sikka. It is determination and direction that makes this fund house retain its position at the top of the charts. The drive to excel makes the offering of products and services from this player stand out, its size and scale manages the rest.

Disappointing AUM growth: It is a fact that business in the equity category has been impacted. In the past one year, the industry has seen a net negative sale to the tune of more than `13,000 crore. Some part of the damage could also be attributed to the new business environment while the major part could be due to the market conditions in the last two years where market movements both ways had been sharp and volatile. Going forward, distributors should focus on providing strong advisory services and should confidently seek compensation for their services.

State of the market: The market might spend some time in consolidation, but ultimately this bull market will probably head much higher.

The road ahead: In the coming years we will focus on growing the markets, educating the investors, opening branches in Tier III and Tier IV cities. As a market leader we are well aware of our responsibilities.

My Investment Style: I believe that the basic principles of investing hold true at all levels of the market. It is not the timing but the time in the market that matters. I believe in long term investing while I feel one of the best ways to create wealth and preserve it, through proper asset allocation and systematic investments by way of SIP & STP. These help in minimizing the risk and optimizing returns in all phases of markets.