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IDFC Money Manager - Treasury Plan: Plan D with Auto-Trigger

IDFC MF has notified introduction of an additional plan, viz. Plan D (with Auto-Trigger facility) under IDFC Money Manager - Treasury Plan. The plan will be introduced with effect from May 06, 2009, and will have the following features:

Minimum Application: Rs. 25,000/-
Entry Load: NIL
Exit Load: 1% if redeemed / switched out to any debt / liquid scheme of IDFC MF (including IDFC Tax Advantage Fund) within 1 year. Nil if transfered to any of the specified open-ended equity scheme.

Auto-Trigger Facility: Investors can indicate triggers based on Sensex levels.
Entry Trigger: Two triggers can be specified - Trigger A and Trigger B (optional). On activation of Trigger A, 50 per cent of the amount will be tranfered to the Target Equity Scheme. On activation of Trigger B, the balance amount will be transfered.
Exit Trigger: If an Exit Trigger (based on percentage appreciation on the entry NAV, minimum being 10%) is opted. Two triggers can be sprcified - Trigger A and Trigger B. On activation of these triggers, amount invested on activation of corresponding Entry Triggers (A or B) will be transfered to Final Debt Scheme. Load: On transfers, the applicable entry / exit load under equity schemes will be applicable.
Target Equity Schemes:
IDFC Imperial Equity Fund
IDFC Classic Equity Fund
IDFC Strategic Sector (50-50) Equity Fund
IDFC Premier Equity Fund
IDFC India GDP Growth Fund
Final Debt Scheme:
IDFC Money Manager - Treasury Plan - A (Growth or Daily Dividend)