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ICICI Pru Long Term Plan: New Options Introduced

ICICI Pru MF has notified that 2 options plans viz. Premium and Premium Plus options will be introduced under ICICI Pru Long Term Plan with effect from May 04, 2009.

Details of the options are as follows:

Minimum Application Amount Premium Option: Rs. 1,000,000 Premium Plus Option: Rs. 10,000,000

Minimum Addition Application / Redemption: Rs. 1,000

Sub-options Available: Growth and Dividend (payout and reinvestment)

Load Structure Entry Load: Nil Exit Load: Nil

Total Recurring Expenses (Estimated): 2% p.a. (including Investment Management fee of 1% p.a.)

The existing option will henceforth be called 'Regular Option'. All the options will share the same portfolio.