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Sahara Short Term Bond Fund

The latest offering from the Sahara Mutual Fund stable is an open-ended liquid fund – Sahara Short Term Bond Fund.

The fund will be benchmarked against CRISIL Liquid Fund Index and Mr. Devesh Thacker would be its designated fund manager.

The fund aims to generate optimal returns with moderate levels of risk and liquidity. For this purpose, it will primarily invest in debt securities including government securities, corporate debts and other debt instruments as well as money market instruments.

As per its mandate, the fund can invest fully in debt and money market instruments with an average maturity of less than or equal to 12 months. It can maintain up to 50 per cent exposure in various debt instruments with an average maturity of more than 12 months. Exposure to securitized debt can go up to 50 per cent. The fund can also invest in foreign securities up to 10 per cent and in derivatives up to 50 per cent of the net assets respectively.

The fund’s investment strategy would consist of various parameters such as prevailing interest rate scenario, quality and liquidity of the security, maturity profile of the instruments and growth prospects of the company whose instruments would be considered for investment.

Basic Details:
NFO Opens: March 12, 2009
NFO Closes: April 08, 2009
Type: Open Ended Liquid Fund
Benchmark: CRISIL Liquid Fund Index
Options: Growth and Dividend Re-investment
Minimum Application Amount: Rs 5000
Fund Manager: Mr Devesh Thacker
Entry Load: Nil
Exit Load: 0.10%, if redeemed between 0-15 days from the date of allotment