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Bharti AXA Launches Short Term Income Fund

Bharti AXA Mutual Fund adds another debt fund: Bharti AXA Short Term Income Fund, an open-ended Income scheme.
The fund will invest in money market securities and debt securities like government securities, corporate debts, securitized debts and other debt instruments. It can have up to 100 exposure in these instruments with average maturity of less than or equal to 370 days and up to 70 per cent exposure in these instruments with average maturity of more than 370 days. The fund will also have limited exposure to asset backed securities (up to 20 per cent) and debt derivative instruments)up to 50 per cent). Overall the fund will have a conservative approach to credit risk and high emphasis on liquidity.

The fund will be benchmarked against CRISIL Short Term Bond Fund Index and will be managed by Mr. Sujoy Kumar Das who has over twelve years experience in fixed income securities market.

Basic Details
NFO Opens: December 03, 2008
NFO Closes: December 10, 2008
Plans: Regular & Institutional
Options: Growth and Dividend (Payout & Reinvestment)
Minimum Application Amount:
Regular Plan: Rs5000
Institutional Plan: Rs 1 Crore
Load Structure:
Entry Load: Nil
Exit Load: 0.25 per cent, if redeemed within 30 days from the date of allotment.
Benchmark: CRISIL Short Term Bond Fund Index.
Fund Manager: Mr. Sujoy Kumar Das