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IDFC MF: Introduction of Institutional Options and Exit Load under some Schemes

With effect from December 01, 2008, IDFC MF has introduced Institutional option - 'Plan B' and exit load (under the existing options) under the following of its schemes:

1. IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund
2. IDFC Super Saver Income Fund - Investment Plan
3. IDFC Government Securities Fund - Investment Plan

Details of the new option:
Minimum Amount of application: Rs. 1 crore.
Option: Dividend (payout/reinvestment) & Growth Option.
Plan Introduction Price: Rs. 10/- per unit and at applicable NAV thereafter.
Entry Load: NIL
Exit Load: NIL

The existing options will be henceforth be called 'Plan A', and will attract an exit load to the extent of 0.75% for investments less than Rs. 10 lakhs, if redeemed / switched-out within 1 year. However, investors opting for PEP / dividend reinvestment option / SWP or switch between schemes will not be levied any exit load.

IDFC MF has introduced the same load structure under IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund - Plan A as well with effect from December 01, 2008.