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The Unrated Top 10 List

Some funds in our Top 10 list might not be rated as they don’t fulfill the criteria required to be rated

How come some of the funds are not rated but sit in the top 10 list on your website valueresearchonline.com, and are good performing overall? Basically, why are some of the funds not rated?

The criteria that we at Value Research have adopted require the fund to be in existence for more than three years; and fund's category should have minimum of ten peers, also the average corpus of the fund in the last six months should be more than five crore. If a fund fails to be qualifying on any of the said criterion then it's not rated. Hence when you go through our website not all funds are rated on the website.

The Top 10 Mutual Fund's list on the website is based solely on maximum trailing returns over the past one year, by an equity diversified fund. This method causes change in list on daily basis due to fluctuation in NAVs' of corporations.

(All equity diversified funds are considered for the Top 10 Mutual Fund list which have maximum trailing returns over the past one year. Funds in this list change on a daily basis due to incorporation of the NAVs on a daily basis.

Value Research considers those funds for star rating who fulfill the following criteria-
• The fund has completed 3 years of existence
• The fund's category has a minimum of ten similar funds
• Average corpus of the fund in the last six months is more than 5 crore.)

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