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Here's a fund suitable for all types of investors. The aggressive ones will like the returns it offers while the conservative ones will find peace in its diversification. Find out more about DSPML TIGER

The name might appeal to aggressive investors, when in actuality the conservative ones will feel right at home here. The broad investment mandate, large-cap tilt and intense diversification should alleviate all their fears. An acronym for The Infrastructure Growth and Economic Reforms, the fund focuses on sectors that are likely to prosper from growth related to economic reforms and infrastructure development. With this as a starting point, the fund manager follows a top-down approach (for sector selection) before resorting to bottom-up stock picking. Unlike other infrastructure offerings, its broader mandate has enabled it to tap into sectors that core infrastructure funds do not - healthcare, FMCG, textiles, consumer non-durables.

A high degree of diversification, typical of equity funds in the DSPML family, is evident. At 72, the number of stocks in its portfolio is far more than any other fund focused on infrastructure/core sectors. In fact, it is probably too high for a fund with a relatively focused investment objective. Nevertheless, that has not diluted the return generating capabilities of the fund. It remains among the top quartile across the six-month, one-year and three-year horizon. Owing to its superb run, assets have grown by 130 per cent over the last one year to Rs 2,600 crore, making it the 12th largest diversified equity fund. Stocks like Reliance Industries, Larsen & Toubro and BHEL have been long-time favourites. While there is a reasonable amount of continuity in its top holdings, considerable churning takes place amongst the rest.

Great returns on a predominantly large-cap, growth-oriented, infrastructure-led portfolio is what T.I.G.E.R is all about.