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Foreign Money Driving Markets

Soumendranath Lahiri, an IIM-B alumnus, has almost 4 years of experience as part of the DSPML fund managers team. He feels that foreign investments make it difficult to predict a market crash

Armed with a degree in mechanical engineering from REC, Suratkhal and an MBA from IIM (Bangalore), Lahiri's first stint was as an area marketing executive for Crompton Greaves for a year. Pursuing his interest in equities, Lahiri moved to Dolat Capital, a domestic institutional stock broking firm, as part of their equity research team. In June 2004, he moved to DSPML Fund Mangers as part of the equities fund management team.

Do you see a market crash in the near future?
It's difficult to take a call on the market in the short term, given that it is being driven by foreign flows at this point in time. News on the domestic front, especially on the political side, continues to be an issue.

What is the strategic and tactical orientation of DSPML T.I.G.E.R.?
DSPML India Tiger Fund is a thematic fund with a focus on companies and sectors that are likely to prosper from growth related to economic reforms and infrastructure investment. We believe these are the key drivers of economic growth and corporate profitability in India going forward. We continue to remain bullish on this theme and feel that there is significant value that can be extracted over the long term. We're looking to capture the earnings growth story over the next three to five years and are looking towards the power, roads and construction sectors to deliver the returns.

Which are your top sector preferences?
Capital Goods
Cement sectors
They look very favorable right now since the earnings growth in these sectors will be higher than consensus expectations.

This interview appeared in the October 2007 issue of Mutual Fund Insight.