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25 First Class Funds

Want to know which funds to add to your portfolio? Here we list 25 performers. Individual needs may vary so view them in conjunction with your overall portfolio and risk profile

The Sensex is rallying. From 16,000 (September 19), it has touched 19,000 (October 15). FII money is flowing into the country. The rupee is rising.

But questions that matter to us are:
Which funds will deliver in such a competitive and volatile market scenario? Is the market headed for a crash?

In this latest issue of Mutual Fund Insight, we list “25 first class” funds which you must consider when evaluating or doing up your portfolio. Not only did an insightful analysis accompany each fund, but we also took the fund manger's view on his strategic and tactical approach.

Over 20 fund managers gave us their views on the direction of the market and told us which sectors they are betting on right now.

Some themes/sectors worked well over the past year. Others failed. We discuss those and tell you which ones have steam left in them going forward.

That's not all. We compiled a list of questions most commonly asked by our readers and answered all in detail.

Our Portfolio Makeovers (we have three, instead of just one) tackle investors at various life stages.

All this is in addition to our usual columns and other features.

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