Powerful Info Tools | Value Research Multiple tools that one should look at for making an informed decision
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Powerful Info Tools

Multiple tools that one should look at for making an informed decision

There are tools under the section 'Funds' on the website to help make informed decision when investing.

Fund Performance
This can be used to find the Top 10 and Bottom 10 funds based on performance over different periods.

. Choose between the open-end funds and closed-end funds
. Then narrow down on the time frame; 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and since launch.
. Choose the category 'Equity:FMCG' (Change the category to suit your choice.)

This is how you will get the best and worst performers.

Category Compare
If someone wants to compare all the funds in a category, then this is the tool to resort to. Just select the category and the result will have the snapshot of all the funds in that category. Though it will be sorted based on Name, one can sort it on any other parameter such as Launch date, Rating, Risk grade, Return grade, 1-year return and Expense ratio.
One can further analyse this list on multiple levels through the different tabs.

Sector Tracker
The market rewards and punishes different sectors at different points of time. So, how do you find out which fund has invested maximum in a particular sector and is most likely to benefit?

This is where the tool, 'Sector Tracker' comes in handy.
. The first step is to select the sector.
. Next, decide on how many funds you would like to track, options being Top 10/20/50/100.
Further, if you wish to check the details of a particular fund from among the list then just click on the fund's name.

Who Owns What?
This tool helps you find out the name of the funds that are invested in the particular company. Just type the name of the listed company and then click on the button 'Go'.

The result will give you a list of funds that are invested in the company. The list can be sorted according to the 'Percentage of Net Assets' or the 'Amount Invested'. One can also look at the investment in the company based on instruments - Equity, Long-term Debt or Short-term Debt.

Redeemed Funds
Over here you will find details include redemption date, redemption price, the name of the asset management company as well as the registrar and transfer agent.

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