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A disciplined long-term investor is bound for definite gains


I have been investing in HDFC Top 200 and Reliance Growth for 15 years. Should I take the money out or wait?

We can say with confidence that for a period of 15 years the chances of you incurring losses are minimal. If you invest in equity for 15 years consistently, then it is very difficult to get losses and not only that, it would also be able to beat inflation in a very easy way.

The funds that you have chosen now are good ones, but when you invest in a mutual fund, then you can’t just invest and forget about it. Good funds tend to get bad and vice versa. Review your funds every year or so. An investor like you, who invests for 15 years, will book profits and that can accumulate into savings and, in turn, into wealth. You just have to be disciplined in your approach.

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