Getting Specific | Value Research Investors can get the power to select the most suitable funds
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Getting Specific

Investors can get the power to select the most suitable funds

Facing a problem narrowing down on suitable funds? There's a tool available on the website that is specifically designed to get you through this maze. Here we tell you how to use this simple but extremely efficient tool.

When you click on the tool named 'Fund Selector', there will be a lot of parameters thrown up. You will have to make your selection accordingly. 


In this very first step you will need to make your selection from the entire universe of funds (All) or opt for a type of fund (Open Ended or Close Ended). 

Open-ended funds do not have a lock-in period giving you the leeway to walk away any time you decide to. Close-ended funds have a lock-in period and one cannot exit before maturity. However, most funds do have exit windows at fixed time frames or allow you to redeem your units at a cost. 


The next step is selecting a category. Here the choice is immense. Of course, upfront there is the option of 'All Equity' or 'All Debt'. But if you want to be really specific, then there are plenty of sub-categories within the broad equity and debt category. 

Returns Over

Now that you have selected your funds, the next filter will be returns generated over specific time periods. The options are in years, months and even 1-week returns. 


This filter sets the tone for investor expectations. To see which ones gained in the time period selected, go for 'All Gainers'. To see those that did not make it, you even have an 'All Losers' option. The gainers can be further narrowed down depending on the cut-off limit — returns above 5%, 10%, 20% or 30%.


This one narrows down on the star rating given by Value Research.

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