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Gold Fund Investments

None of the gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) offer SIPs facility

I would like to invest in gold via an SIP. Please, name some schemes.

- Ved Prakash

Fund houses like Benchmark, Kotak, Quantum, Reliance, SBI and UTI offer gold exchange traded funds (Gold ETFs). Such schemes directly invest into physical gold. They are listed on the major stock exchanges and you can buy and sell them just like you do with shares. 

But, none of them offer systematic investment plans (SIPs) facility. 

On the other hand, AIG World Gold and DSPBR World Gold (these are not gold ETFs), which invest in international funds that buy into stocks of mining companies involved in gold and precious metals, can also be looked at if gold is your goal. You may be interested in them as both offer the SIPs facility.

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