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Controlling expectations is a must, but here are a few funds for a 2-year period

I want to invest Rs 10,000 in a mutual fund as a single investment. I have a target of 2 years for my child's school admission and his mundan ceremony. Presently, he is 18 months old. I would need Rs 40,000-45,000 at that time. Please suggest a fund to invest in. 

Also I want to start an SIP of Rs 1,000. My salary is Rs 14,000 per month and I want to continue it for the next 25-30 years. 

- Prashant Misra

You would like your Rs 10,000 invest turn into Rs 40,000 in two years, that’s a return of 100 per cent per year. Optimism apart, this is just too tall a task for any fund, or fund manager, to deliver. Since you want to invest for such a short time period, try investing the same in a debt fund like Fortis Flexi Debt, Canara Robeco Income.

Our answer to your second question would be to go for any Value Research rated 5- or 4-star balanced fund, like FT India Balanced or DSPBR Balanced.

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