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Alternatives available in India can put Kotak Indo World Infra Fund in shade

I am incurring losses from my  investments in Kotak Indo World Infrastructure Fund. Shall I exit?

This fund has proved to be disappointing. It is a closed-end fund. I would say that you have superior alternatives here. In the past two years, despite all the turbulence, Indian investors are much better off. Markets are unpredictable, but it would be worthwhile to pull out your money from this and invest in an Indian fund.

I have been banking with the Bank of India for a long time. I have been depositing Rs 2,000 per month and I was told that in five years’ time, the amount will double. Is it possible?

If you have a fixed deposit (FD), then you would get only that interest which is specified for it. Currently, the returns are around 3.5 per cent. The returns in FDs of banks are really low. Another option is consistently depositing in recurring deposits of banks, or post office, which have far better returns than FDs. 

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