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On ICICI Pru Income Opportunities Fund

Investors must understand that investing is not about timing the markets

Is now a good time to invest in the ICICI Prudential Income Opportunities Retail-G fund?
-    Sundareswaran Krishnamoorthy

There is no good time or bad time. Please do not time the market.

ICICI Prudential Income Opportunities Retail-G is a new debt fund launched in August 2008 that primarily invests in debt securities which have a maturity profile of more than three years. The fund has done well by generating 22.02 percent return since its launch at the off-set by investing in longer maturity papers, but its strategy can very well backfire if the interest rates start to go up. Being a new fund, it hasn't quite got the opportunity to show its prowess in the rising interest rate scenario. It would be prudent at this point of time to invest in some other well rated medium-term fund.

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