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If Reliance Natural Resources continues its underperformance, it can be exited

Two years ago I had invested Rs.30,000 in Reliance Natural Resources (G). Now its net asset value (NAV) is Rs 9.99. Please suggest whether I should sell this fund or hold onto it?
- Milind Bajaj

Reliance Natural Resources was launched in January, 2008. You had invested in a fund without a proven track record.

At Value Research, we always suggest that investors should avoid investing in a new fund offer (NFO) or in funds without proven track records. After the fund was launched, the equity markets went for a prolonged downturn, hence there is no surprise in the fund's performance.

Redeem you investments and invest in funds that have been rated 5- or 4-star by Value Research, if the fund continues with its under performance.

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