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The fund’s performance has been far from satisfactory

I have invested a sum of Rs 15,000 in JM Financial Sector Fund for the last 2-3 years. Should we invest in it even if it falls further?

It is a very disappointing fund. For a better performance this fund has laid emphasis on stocks of small or financial companies in its portfolio. This has not yielded any substantial advantage for the last two years.

If this is the only fund you have invested in, then you should not be having it in your portfolio. There should be one diversified fund instead.

If you are interested in only banking funds, then it is not a very good option. You should invest in Benchmark Banking BeES which is an ETF and its performance for a longer time has been good. A banking index fund’s performance in comparison to all other actively managed banking index funds, is better. If you want to remain in banking, remain in Banking BeES.

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