Falling Performance & Dropping Stars | Value Research The two concepts should be weighed carefully by investors
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Falling Performance & Dropping Stars

The two concepts should be weighed carefully by investors

Reliance Vision’s performance is fading for the last one-and-a-half years. What of Franklin India Prima Plus, whose Value Research rating has fallen to 3-star?

Reliance Vision has been disappointing investors for almost three years now. Reliance, which is, or was, known for equity fund management has disappointed with this fund. The funds which look reasonably impressive in the fund house are Reliance Growth, and better than that is Reliance Regular Savings Equity. However, a substantial part of the money managed in equity by Reliance does not have an impressive record.

As far as Prima Plus is concerned, it would be better not to give up on it now. Dropping ratings, from 5- to 4-star, is nothing to be alarmed about. It is doing exactly what it should do. It has prompted you to think, but not necessarily act. And it is a fund which is worth being on your watch list. It certainly, on a relative basis, has slipped in performance, and is not being able to navigate the downside as efficiently as before. But it is not the time to call quits on Prima Plus. So, hold on.

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