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Tailor your list to check out your favourite funds

Does the constellation in the mutual fund space confuse you? Do you want, to be served, the best of what you are looking for, but did not know who to ask or where to look? Try out the My Watchlist tool available on The tool cuts through the clutter and helps you to zero-in on the schemes most relevant to you. And after that it allows you to track the performance of the funds, besides letting you compare them with a few of their peers.

While you can always depend on Value Research Star Ratings, which ranks funds according to their performance and the risk they undertook to achieve those numbers, but these ratings keep changing as per the performances of the various funds and therefore you may need some extra help. Hence, you can use the star ratings as a guide while buying funds, but it is not advisable to ignore your portfolio and sit tight once that’s done.

And that is where My Watchlist tool comes into the picture. The tool enables you to follow your selected funds through their money-making, or losing, journey in the markets. And on it you can base your decision about the funds to keep or to jettison. Let’s say you have invested in an infrastructure fund, a mid-cap fund and a large-cap fund. You can select all these three. But to get a fair idea on how your investment is doing vis-a-vis the competition (other funds), you should also select a few other mid-cap, large-cap or infrastructure funds. So, even if you finally narrow down your selected list to 12 schemes (a maximum of 18 is permitted), you have eliminated the entire universe of funds to get a quick update on your chosen few.

Here’s how to access the tool:
a) Log on. If you are not a member, become one. It will only take a minute;
b) Once you get into the tool, on the left-hand side, all the names of the schemes will appear;
c) Click ‘Add’ on the schemes you wish to track. On the right-hand side, your customised list will appear;
d) In case you wish to remove any schemes, move cursor to that scheme and click ‘Remove’.
e) Save your list.

Remember, this list is not written in stone. If you wish to change it or make an addition/deletion, that too is possible through the link called ‘Edit Watchlist’. You also have the option of checking out the returns over 9 time frames, ranging from 1 day to 5 years.

You can access your My Watchlist tool whenever you want and it will reveal to you the current standing of the funds that you selected, inclusive of their current star rating positions and latest net asset value (NAV).

So go ahead, keeping track of your investment is really easy.

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