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Shaping up on Sector Funds

The investment criteria requires in-depth, sector-specific, knowledge

I have invested Rs 1,000 each in DSPBR Equity Midcap, Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity and Reliance Growth. Should I also enter any sectoral or balanced funds?

You have asked two diametrically opposite questions regarding investing in balanced funds or sectoral funds. If you invest in a sector fund then you are taking a concentrated investment course to try and achieve higher returns. And if you are investing in a balanced fund, then you are taking steps to protect the downside of your overall portfolio. If you want to invest more, rather than going for a sector fund, you should choose one equity diversified fund. Do not go for sector funds as the criteria for investing in these funds is that you should have in-depth knowledge about them or any specific sector. And you should also be able to get out of it when you see its prospects getting bleak.

Please explain the position of JM Agri & Infra Fund. Secondly, I have a demat account both in my and my wife’s name. One particular share is held jointly. For one share, do I need to open a demat account in joint names also?

Yes, the answer for the second question is, you have to. And JM Agri & Infra Fund has been an extremely disappointing fund. It is a small-cap fund and there is no certainty as to when it would start performing well. It has been able to make a reasonable recovery of losses, but perhaps it is time to square up your position.

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