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Check out the prospects of Kotak’s I-W fund and Sundaram’s Mid-cap

What are the prospects of Kotak Indo-World Fund and Sundaram Mid-cap Fund? 

Kotak Indo-World invests 65 per cent in India and 35 per cent in overseas funds and it has been a reasonably performing fund. There has not been anything extraordinary about this fund and it is not a very old fund. Sundaram Mid-cap has been an outstanding mid-cap fund and we have witnessed that an outstanding mid-cap fund can blow up even in a falling market. It has recovered very smartly during the recovery though. If you are fine with the gyrations, the wild ones that have been seen in the past two years, Sundaram Mid-cap is reasonably rewarding. So, one is an average fund and the other is an outstanding mid-cap fund.

Please enlighten me about the ‘stop-loss’ investment feature. Do I have to do it daily or just once?

This depends on the manner your dealings with your broker are configured. If you have a trading account, then you have to give instructions everyday. But if your money is already invested in your Demat account and you have set a stop/loss limit, then it might be possible that in a permanent way, if the value goes down to a certain level, you can sell it. You may have to execute this with your broker.

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