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Stop SIP(ping)

SIPs subscribed to before August 1 should be stopped and re-invested

My investment consultant has told me to stop paying all my SIPs and reinvest from the beginning as entry load is not there now. What should I do?
Your advisor has given you the correct information. You should thank him because he would be at loss for having done so, but despite that, he has given you the relevant facts, which are crucial from an investor’s point of view. Though entry load has been abolished, all the SIPs that had been registered before August 1 will continue to attract the old loads.

I had taken a LIC policy – Money Plus three years earlier and I pay Rs 10,000 every year as premium. I have completed three years. Do I give Rs 10,000 for 15 years or can I stop now?
Money Plus is a ULIP in which insurance component is very small and it is not very costly as well. This is not pure investment and if you are looking for a pure investment, then you can stop investing in this insurance product and instead invest Rs 10,000 in any good mutual fund.

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