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Good Tax Savers

Here are a few good funds that will help you pay less tax

Which tax-saving mutual fund is better? I want it for my son. Is Magnum Taxgain good?

Magnum Taxgain is a good fund, but if I were to tell you about two other good tax saving funds, then it would be Franklin Tax Shield and Sundaram Tax Saver.

Is it advisable to hold on to my investments in SBI One India Fund, or should I sell?

SBI One India Fund has proved to be very disappointing so far. The way it is managed right now shows that there has been a change of track in the fund. Although it has recovered substantially the losses that it has made, you can give up on it as it has proved disappointing over a reasonable period. This was a fund which was launched at a time when amortisation of expenses was possible so it has five to six per cent expenditure, which is still getting accounted for.

Take the money out and invest in another good fund. There are other superior alternative funds available in SBI MF as well as other fund houses. It could well be Magnum Contra, a fund with proven credentials.

Consider this disappointment of SBI One India Fund as a learning experience. The lesson in it for you is that never to invest in an unproven fund.

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