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A Very Long-Term Horizon

Check out the funds that may be invested in for 15 years

I have a 4-year-old daughter and I want to buy a mutual fund for 15 years to ensure some of her higher educational needs.

It is a difficult question. Identifying a fund investment for 15 years would be tricky. Still, you can go for an aggressive balanced fund. But you cannot forget and treat investments in mutual funds like fixed deposits like those found in post offices and banks, which give off a fixed income and you do not have to worry about the credit quality or its safety. You can invest in those options for 15 years and forget about it. Mutual funds are dependent on the markets. The fund which is doing good now would not necessarily do well four years down the line. That is why evaluation of the funds every one-two years is important. However, you can opt for any of these funds -- Kotak Balanced Fund, UTI Balanced Fund or HDFC Prudence Fund, but do invest consistently in them.

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