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Shifting Horizon

One should be prepared to shift investments, if returns are not adequate

I have been investing in three-four equity diversified funds - Birla Sun Life India Gen X, Franklin Templeton Opportunity Growth, Kotak Contra and SBI Magnum Global Fund. I have either got negative returns or something in the range of 6-7 per cent profit. What should I do?

SBI Magnum Global is a mid-cap fund, Birla Sun Life Gen X is a new fund which would invest in companies that deal with new generation consumption, and Franklin Templeton Opportunity is an average fund. Kotak Opportunity is a very good fund and it is a surprise that you booked losses on it. All these four funds are not bad, but not outstanding as well. So, you have to give it a thought about and see if you want to redeem your money and invest it elsewhere, since you have a good experience now of  diversified equity funds.

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