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Fulfilling Income Needs

Investors looking for income should look beyoned equity

I want to invest Rs 5,000 each in UTI Opportunity Fund and Top 100 Fund. How do I go about it?

UTI Opportunity has proved to be a very good fund. We hope that if the markets remain like this, it would do even better.

But these two funds are not good if one talks about the kind of income that you are expecting. UTI Top 100 will invest in big companies so we expect that there are lesser chances of these companies making losses and one would get a predictable portfolio. And, even in bad times, the fund would do good. UTI Opportunities has done well in the last 2-3 years. But again this is not the fund for you if you are expecting income.

Equity does not usually suffice for fulfilling needs. If you are investing on a long-term basis and want to invest Rs 5,000 each in both the funds, then both these funds are good.

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