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I have invested in ICICI Prudential Power Fund, Reliance Power, Reliance Equity, SBI Bluechip, and SBI Infrastructure. How do you rate my investments?

Out of all your choices of funds, Reliance Equity and ICICI Prudential Power are good funds. Otherwise the others are costly, average and relatively new funds. You need to change your portfolio heavily.

You have given predominance to particular kind of funds. You have two infrastructure funds, one thematic fund, Reliance Power Fund and all these investments have been done in a particular period of time (one to one-and-a-half years).

You have a reasonably diversified portfolio though, but you should take the advice of your mutual fund advisor. It depends on how much money you have put into individual funds. If you have invested Rs 2 lakh in Reliance Power and for the rest you have invested Rs 10,000 each, then your portfolio might be very dangerous. If there is a downfall in the markets, then your losses will be too much.

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