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The fund selector is the tool to decide funds based on specific criteria

Take 1: Ever wondered what happened to those days when ‘Nirma’ washing powder was a household name, when markets were flooded by that brand and housewives swore by it? Those days are gone forever, with a plethora of choices open before the consumer.

Take 2: Lets cite another example and try to bring this a bit closer to home. Who doesn’t want his money to grow? Everyone wants to invest their hard earned income and get maximum benefits even at the rate of say, 6-7 per cent per annum. Given the risky nature of current times, mutual funds are perhaps best-placed to realise returns on that dream.

Take 3: What does a person do if he discovers that there are more than 4,000 such funds floating in the market and he has to wade through the confusion and choose the ones that suit him?

Quite naturally, he’s at a loss to take the proper decision.

With such confusion prevailing over the mutual fund investor, one wrong step can lead to disastrous consequences. Finding the right pick that gives a relative guarantee of likelihood of money to grow. That is where Value Research Fund Selector at www.valueresearchonline.com comes into the picture. We help you to do exactly that, at absolutely no cost at all.

The Fund Selector tool is one of the many aids that is available to mutual fund investors through which you can easily short-list funds based on the criteria important to you. Select the ‘Fund Type’, the ‘Category’, pick the ‘Initial Investment’ feature you intend to make, define the ‘fund returns’ across periods, set their ‘risk type’ and shortlist them according to their Value Research Ratings.

The more definite the query, the more precise gets the search result. For example, a query on “all equity funds”, with a return period of “2 years” on funds performing “above 30 per cent” without any specifications on the degree of risk returns 151 funds.  But revise the same query by including only 5- and 4-star rated funds, and you’ll get only 81 funds. Specify the risk appetite as ‘average’ and all you have before you is 12 funds. The process has been simplified exponentially to enable investors to cut out the irrelevancy and choose funds that are tailored to fit their investment profile. For a complete user-friendly experience, there is no need to even register on the website to access the tool.

So what are you waiting for. Just go ahead and make the right choice. After all that is what you want and we intend to deliver.