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Fund Fundamentals

Choosing funds to invest in requires a rational first step

I have invested in Kotak 30 and would like to invest in one more fund. Please assist.
Kotak 30 i
s a good fund. It is always advisable to invest in funds that have a history and hence invest only after checking their performances. You can consider one of the following funds for further investment: Franklin Prima Plus, DSPBR Top 100 and HDFC Top 200.

Once you start investing, do so on a regular basis. Even when the market is falling keep up with your investment plans, stopping or pausing for a while is not good.

I have an ongoing systematic investment plan (SIP) in a debt fund with ICICI Prudential. How will the entry load norm affect that?
Debt funds generally do not charge any entry loads. So, the abolishment of such entry loads will have an effect on equity funds.

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