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An investor has to decide what route suits him for investing purpose

For investment purposes, what is better, mutual funds or stocks?
This depends upon the person. If someone is aware of the stock market and he can spend time on research, understand how the whole thing functions, including risk and if his investment grasp is very clear, then a person can invest directly. But if that is not the case, then invest through mutual funds. In a mutual fund your money is managed by a professional. It is similar to hiring an expert to handle your money for you. Start with a small amount for your investment purposes and invest regularly. And even the risk is less because of diversification.

I had invested in the Mirae Asset Global Commodity Stocks during its NFO period. What should I do?
This fund is in a different league altogether. And it is doing well. After you had invested all funds have fallen by 40-45 per cent and this fund has managed to recover during this period.

There are many experts who believe that in the days to come, commodity-based companies will make profit. Stay invested for some time and then withdraw. If there is a return target, then achieve it and withdraw from it.

A lot of the times investors get into a high risk-fund, but on achieving their investment targets they tend to forget that they should withdraw. Therefore, this is the time when you should fix the target return for your investment. And make sure to withdraw on reaching it.

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